Thursday, February 6, 2014

Two Adults with a Curfew

Yes, you read that right. My husband and I had a curfew last night and that wasn't the first time.  Don’t get us wrong, we love to hang out with friends and dance all night long. But when you both have to work the next day, 3 hours of sleep just doesn't cut it (especially for the hubby’s 12 hour shifts at the hospital).
So what were we doing you might ask? Well, a few months ago a friend had free tickets to see Polecat and the Infamous String Dusters at the Wilma theater (a “vintage” venue in Missoula – so cool!).  Anyways, I fell in love with Polecat's beats of Reggae interspersed with Bluegrass and an absolutely amazing (and adorable) fiddle player named Kaleigh.  Okay, so the whole band is adorable/good-looking, but I truly go to enjoy a fun and exciting show of Americana (what they are considered with their mixture of genres). When a poster was hung at the donut shop that they would be in town again (they're from Bellingham, WA), I knew I had to go - and I drug two friends a long as well (Ok, I didn't physically drag them, because they wanted to go)! 
Not only did Polecat put on an amazing set, but their openers the Lil’ Smokies (a local Missoula Bluegrass band) were out of this world! I had never seen them in concert, but I had heard so much and was so excited to actually see them in person.  AND we went early to the venue (called the Top Hat – where most popular/local bands play) and avoided the cover charge of five dollars each (that’s ten dollars we saved) and on top of that, since we can’t have alcohol on the Whole30, we got club sodas with a lemon and lime wedge.  I thought they would be at least a couple of dollars, but they were totally FREE!!! We of course tipped our waitress, but other than that, we paid two dollars to see two awesome bands blow us away and got four drinks for absolutely free! Man I love small towns!
Well there you have it; we were able to be social while sticking with the Whole30 plan and not look awkward without drinks.  If we can do it so can you! And I’m not just referring to the Whole30, but to the dancing the night away.  Sometimes all we need to make life a little more joyous is to dance!

Here's a picture (I know it's poor quality) of the Lil' Smokies. I was too giddy to remember to take one of Polecat!

P.S. On a side note, two nights ago Kyle and I were making a couple of dinners for the week (for days when we both work) and I had him put on music. He chose Celtic Fiddle Festival (or something like that) on Pandora.  We were transported back in time to something similar to Pride and Prejudice (the one with Kira Knightley – if you haven’t seen it, you better watch!) and the group dances that were so lively and fun.  My man and I even had an impromptu dance in the kitchen while the soup was simmering.  It’s these little moments in life that truly make it worth living!

Happy Thursday Y’all (yes, the Montanans say this and they've got me doing it too)!

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