Sunday, June 8, 2014

Change is in the Air

Oh me, oh my!

Well, it's been a crazy couple of weeks and I am ready to experience summer in it's full capacity.  Tons of things have been happening in my life and I'll quickly spell them all out for you (although there may be errors).

So, in somewhat big news, I got a tattoo!  It's a humpback whale on my right inner ankle and it's in a brown ink and I LOVE IT!  I never ever ever thought I would get a tat, but when I found something I loved and wouldn't mind looking at for the rest of my life, I jumped on the bandwagon.  And of course it has meaning to me what will my love of humpbacks and my roots on Maui and all that jazz.  I'll post a picture someday soon hopefully!

Next up, is that I officially told the donut shop that I will be leaving in the end of June which means a huge leap of faith in myself being productive at home by drafting for my dad.  I know I can do it and we will still need both the hubby's and my income, so it's not really an option to not work.  On top of that, we have tons of awesome plans for the summer and holding down a stationary job just wasn't gonna cut it for me.

Which brings me to some of my more exciting news!

I decided two days ago to join a friend on a 100 mile bike trip (done over 3 days) that starts in Ronan, MT and will end in Whitefish, MT (and possibly Glacier National Park).  She mentioned the trip and that she was going alone and then I just happened to have most of the time off, so it seems like it was meant to be.  I am borrowing her mom's bike that fits me pretty well, and we are preparing all of our gear including gloves, bike shorts, bike lights, snacks, etc.  Some of it is borrowed as I really haven't biked more than a few miles at a time here and there.  Just yesterday I got fit on the bike and had to learn the shifting, so my friend and I went on a 6.8 round trip ride.  Oh boy is my booty bruised!  Luckily the bike shorts are super padded and it dulls the pain, but I am definitely going to be sore as I am not conditioned at all!  I'll be sure to take pics and share my big adventure (which is HUGE for me)!

Keeping with the travel, the hubby and I also finalized the dates we will be taking a longish road trip to the New England area in the mid part of fall.  His grandma is paying for the whole family to go on an East coast cruise, but that's in the middle of our projected five week trip!  We plan on seeing a bunch of friends, camping, hiking, eating lots of lobster, and of course sight-seeing until our eyeballs explode (ewww that may have been a little too graphic)!  I will hopefully post all about the trip along with suggestions of good ideas and bad ones (cause we all know we will have those).

And other than those things set in stone, I of course want to bike more, go camping a lot...which just reminded me that we are also going camping up in Banff, Canada in late August with a group of friends and also reserved our campground.  It's going to amazing to see the group together and to also witness such an amazing area.  I plan on eating s'mores until I explode (what's with the explosion scenario I keep gravitating to today?!)

Well, I guess that's all my super exciting and active news!  I want to do so much and I'm going to make it all happen this summer.  It's going to be amazing and I hope to share every great story and adventure with you all!

Until we meet again...probably while I am too sore to move after this bike trip and bored laying on our couch ;)