Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Next Step

                 Well, after an over-the-top fun-filled weekend of new things, not much has been happening in the land of Missoula.  Oh, except it’s SNOWING!!!! Yes, after six years of living in Montana, Kyle and I still get giddy when we see those dainty, white flakes falling to the ground.  We both love to shovel and find it fun…which apparently is weird to most people who have lived in a state that gets snow most of their lives.  We on the other hand, cherish a change in seasons and become kids again when our favorite season rolls around.  After all, Maui doesn't get much snow in the winter time ;). The best part is that they’re calling for more! And while most everyone native to this state is cringing at the “white crap” as they call it, we will be happily rejoicing!
                To add to our pure joy, we have also joined the Peak Wellness Center which has three locations in Missoula to workout at.  We mainly joined for the discounted initial cost in the month of February, but the hubby also gets a discount through his work so that we pay way less than the average person monthly as well.  What attracted us to this facility you may ask? Oh, it may be that all locations have saunas and steam rooms, or that their main facility has a pool, or that they recently built a “racquet club” building featuring racquetball, or in my case, handball courts, tennis courts, and a couple of squash courts as well. Any of these answers work, because now we have an outrageous amount of options to choose from when we want to work out. And the best part is that they offer a SCUBA training course as well as kayaking at their main location; two things on our new experiences list! 

                It’s beyond exciting to begin the next step on our personal fitness journey and I look forward to all of the classes (yoga, Pilates, barre, swimming, butt buster, and so many more) that will make the trip even better!  I hope that you all have the opportunity to take a similar journey, because it’s amazing that we all have the power to change our lives for the better!

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