Thursday, February 13, 2014

Busy Bees

                 Holy Moly it’s been a while folks! Well, the hubby and I have been working hard, entertaining ourselves with the snow, and continuing to try new recipes. Apparently the universe also thought it would be fun to help me on my quest to try new things by giving me a sinus infection.  Yay!  Although not on the top of my list, it is something new that I have never had before. Oh well, what can you do?!
                So what’s been going on with us? Well, we have been making guest appearances at a local gym as we were offered a free week trial.  Perfect timing to allow me to use the steam room to kick this illness to the curb! 
                Along with that, we have been enjoying the pleasant surprise of snow the last few days and then sadly watching it melt.  It was the most snow we have seen all season and hopefully there is more on the way! We don’t like mild winters here, because that means bad fires in the summer time.  Not good!!
                Aside from Mother Nature’s gifts, I have been teaching myself to knit (or re-teaching I guess).  I now know how to do both a knit and purl stitch (the two stitches of knitting). Along with a few “patterns” that can be made alternating those two stitches.  I’ll share the finished project when I’m well…finished!
                Lastly (and definitely the highlight for the week), the husband and I will be spending our Valentine’s Day and weekend volunteering at Race to the Sky.  It’s a sled dog race in Montana that is a qualifier for the Iditarod (definitely thought that was spelt Ididerod-whoops) in Alaska.  I am mainly familiar with the Iditarod from the movie Snow Dogs, which my parents loved watching far too many times when I was in high school.  Anyways, we will be helping the Vets check out the dogs to make sure they are healthy and have no injuries.  We will also be setting up a dinner on Friday night and potentially helping at the starting line on Saturday morning. It’s going to be cold as can be (my friend gave me a packing list that says “wear ski clothing minus the ski’s”) and it will be a new experience in all its glory!
                So here’s to doing something non-traditional on Valentine’s Day. What will you be up to? 

P.S. On February 14, 2014 Kyle and I will have been together for seven years!!! (yes, we do have a cliche anniversary for when we started dating)

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  1. Lauren!! I'm moving back to Missoula and I lost my phone and as such your number. Please contact me so that we can hang out sometime. I would love to join you and Kyle on some adventures! :)

    -Emily Davidson