Friday, April 18, 2014

San Fran

Well, it sure has been a while (or it seems that way).  I'm typing this post from the lovely mid-seventies weather of Concord, CA. I'm on a surprise super secret mission to see my mom and although it turned out to not be a surprise, I just love hanging out with my mum.  I especially love hanging out in her adorable house that has so much inspiration for DIY projects.  She is an amazing woman and I can feel the creative energy flowing throughout her home!

Just a quick shot of the formal dining room (the only place my suitcase hasn't exploded all over)!
On another note, I know I've been slacking on the entry front, but I have been busy, so that's a good thing right?!  One of my friends just moved to Canada and between attending his farewell outings, working, going to the gym, attending dance class, training on AutoCAD, working on craft projects, spring cleaning, planting, and just enjoying the lovely Missoula sunshine, I've been completely exhausted!

But the good news is that I should have some great projects coming up in the next week or two.  I don't remember if I mentioned, but I purchased a mini raw wood island from Ikea on our Denver trip.  I decided to stain the top a Walnut tone and paint the legs/shelves an offwhite/cream color (Annie Sloan chalk paint).  Since I didn't use a lacquer or sealant on the stain (other than hemp oil), my mom suggested using wax to seal it from the harmful effects of water damage, etc.  This would be my VERY FIRST time using wax, so I think I'll wait until mom is visiting in a couple weeks to complete the project.  

I also decided to try out a harlequin pattern on a TV tray I have had since my dorm days.  It's a simple light wood, but it would be the perfect piece to practice such a design.  As usual, I was inspired by my mother's "breakfast nook" table that she painted a few years ago.  She is beyond talented and hopefully when she's in Mizoo, we will be able to complete that project as well. 

Here's the harlequin pattern in case you had a "what the heck does that mean" moment!

 And the reason I say there should be a bunch of projects coming up is that I always have to get my home in tip-top shape before mom arrives.  I know you all do it too!  Luckily I just purchased a carpet steam cleaner (the fancy professional-grade-kind that was on super sale on Amazon about a month ago) and just finished doing our bedroom (which was DISGUSTING)! I never realized how much dirt you track through the home until you suck it all up with water and see it hanging out in the dirty tank. And I can tell you that our water was black! EEEEEWWW!  But now it's pretty clean, so I can take a breath and enjoy my fresh smelling carpets!  

Next on the list is organizing and painting!  I just got finished with the kitchen and changed out the rugs.  I purchased a natural jute-like rug from Ikea (I love that place!) and it truly gives the kitchen a completely new feel.  The funny thing is that my mom purchased the same island and rugs as I did and I didn’t even know she had!
I also decided that I was over the chair covers that were too white and had a slight floral pattern to them.  Although my dining chairs were free, I kind of like the look they have going on at the moment, so I left them to be naked again and we shall see what happens next!

The bedroom and guestroom are thorns in my side, but the first step I will need to take for our bedroom will be lighter curtains because the walls are pretty dark brown.  Hopefully painting all the dressers a lighter white/cream will really make the atmosphere better.  Eventually, I hope to put up a starched fabric wall to break up all the brown and add a little something extra!  

Of course these are all just ideas floating around my head waiting to be fished out when I'm in an exceptionally crafty and get-stuff-done mood (yes, I forgot the word that would fit there).  Anyways, I'll post pictures when we get home!  I completely went over my data charges this month by taking pictures with my phone and then emailing them.  Yikes!  

Until the next inspired day...

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