Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Different Kind of Laundry

                I realize for many people that laundry isn’t where they would start after recently quitting Facebook. Some may think that hanging out at a Laundromat is not fun and exciting compared to the internet or texting friends. Well people, baby steps is my answer for you!
                Before today, I had been to a Laundromat once in my life and the first time was for a friend’s photo shoot for a fashion modeling class (yes, I will include photos). Anyways, the point is that my hubby and I needed to wash our clothes, and badly. Our current washer is out of commission and a new one has been ordered by our landlord to replace the old one. The installation won’t take place until sometime later this week.
                Now it’s winter people! That means more clothes to wash with the extra layers worn, not to mention my husband wears scrubs for work in addition to everyday clothes for well, everyday things.  Basically, we accumulated at least four loads worth of laundry after one week!
                Okay, so let me set the scene: tons of clothes piled high in our baskets at home, so we decide to take everything to a Laundromat (mainly because the hubster is out of scrubs and works tomorrow). We drive across town (even though there are at least two in close proximity to our current house), then as we are walking in, the husband asks “were we supposed to bring our own soap?” *smacks head* (I smack my own head, not my husband’s, because that would be mean). Anyways, I jump back in the car and run across town to get our detergent and dryer sheets. And so begins an episode of Laundromats for dummies.

South Campus Laundry
                I’m back at the Laundromat now and my man has figured out that you have to get a card and load it up with your money.  Okay, easy enough, but oh wait…the machine only accepts bills, no coins or card! Luckily we both have a little bit of cash, but now we have to figure out how many loads to do and the mental math for the ones we choose.  I thought this would be the easiest part, but I was incorrect.  There are four different size washers: double, triple, four (no not quadruple, but “four” says the sign), and mega. That last load size is for all those single guys (yes I’m stereotyping) who throw their new red towels in with everything else (including white undies). True story! Their face upon removal is classic. Anything that was white is pink and everything is covered in red lint.  Okay, so that was a story from the dorms, but you get my drift. That washer is gigantic and could fit both the hubby and I in it.  No I didn’t try! Do you think I want to look like even more of a newb (yes I said “newb”) than necessary?
                Okay, okay so we end up deciding on two double loads and a triple.  But then I turn to look at the dryers and there is only one size! After reading yet another explanation of how to use them, they end up being way simpler than the washers.  At least you have already made your loads and can just pay for however many seven minute cycles of the dryer needed.  It’s a darn good thing they have dummy proofed their facility with lots of signage, because two college degree holders had a hard enough time figuring it out.
                In the end, my spouse and I may not have had a super exciting or adventurous afternoon, but we did spend a couple of hours together not on technology, but working through a new experience.  And do you all remember those movie scenes where the couples meet at a Laundromat? Well, that didn’t quite happen, but the scene was perfect and the music was too! They even played I’m Your’s by Jason Mraz, which made my day.

                Here’s to doing something as simple as laundry and having fun too!

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