Thursday, March 20, 2014

White Out

               No, I’m not talking about the mistake correction liquid, but instead a winter blizzard.  Well, I’ll tell you all that today was my first encounter with those conditions and they sure do put a positive spin on the rest of the road conditions for the drive.  I could not see a damn thing and my only guides were the rumble strips on the edges of the highway.  It didn’t help that the “Star Wars snow” made it seem like I wasn’t moving at all while I was going 40 mph.  And to top it all off, it was still dark out and the wind was blowing in all directions to create a washing machine effect.
                I never thought I would be so happy to see Butte, MT and boy she was a beauty this morning with all the city lights on, red lit oil pumps scattered about the hills, and the Lady of the Rockies glowing (a monument on top of the mountains). The universe sure does have a way of making one appreciate different moments in life on top of granting wishes such as experiencing something new.  I sure didn’t think a white-out blizzard was on the top of my list, but I have something else to check off now!

The beautiful sky after passing through the storm.
And my artistic side trying to focus on the dream-catcher hanging from my rear-view mirror. Don't worry,  I was a passenger at this point!

                After the 45 minute blizzard that lasted until Deer Lodge, MT, everywhere else was rather smooth sailing (or driving I guess).  The only complaint I have is that Wyoming is windy! End of story.  I don’t know how people live there, but it’s just windy all the time.  We even saw a semi-truck that had lost its trailer due to the wind which was 65 mph today!  Anyways, other than Jackson (just south of Yellowstone and next to the Tetons), I didn’t think there were any other cities in Wyoming that I would consider living in, but Cheyenne (or Chain-ey as Kyle called it) changed that assumption.  Although the area leading up to the capitol wasn’t what I consider pretty (no mountains and brown with few trees), the town itself was adorable and has so many charming historic houses that I thought I was going to squeal with excitement!  Who knew I could get excited over Wyoming?!

Cheyenne, WY.

The capitol building in Cheyenne.

Another view of the capitol building.

                Well, after making a detour through Cheyenne (to see the capitol as part of our bucket list to visit every state and their capitol), we made it to Denver in good time and easily found our vacation rental.  It’s absolutely adorable and if Missoula had cute, finished basements like this house does, I wouldn’t mind renting one at all.  This place has tons of partial windows and lots of lighting.  The kitchen also has more space than our current rental, which I guess isn’t saying much.  Not to mention in the summer time, the owner has a bunch of raised beds with fresh produce and chicken eggs too! 
                Well, it’s been a long day of driving (13 hours) and we are off to bed.  Tomorrow we are going to figure out the public transportation (buses and light rail) and go to an Avalanche versus Bruins hockey game. We are super excited and since the Colorado Avalanche is my brother’s favorite team, he’s so jealous! Sorry bro! 
                I’ll keep the new things coming! Below is proof that we were at the capitol.  These are the capitols we have been to thus far:

Honolulu, HI
Helena, MT
Cheyenne, WY
Denver, CO

And we each have been to more than that, but we are counting the ones we have been to together!
Now do you still call it a "selfie" if more people than just yourself are in the picture?  Kyle and I had this debate as one of our many conversation pieces on the trip and decided that in order to call it a selfie, you have to take the picture and be in it too.  Am I right????

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